Moss Custom Leather (MCL) is owned and operated by Mark Moss and a small staff.  Every piece produced is custom crafted by Mark himself.


  1. Harness Leather Leash
  2. Title 9
  3. Title 10
  4. Title 11
  5. 6ft Dog Leash
Dog leashes 4-6 ft
Made of 14oz (1/4 inch thick) harness leather.  All our hardware is 100% solid brass.  It will not chip or flake - ever.  Each leash has a D-ring at the handle to allow you to attach a "doggie bag" dispenser.  We also include a circle-ring to allow you to hang you leash from any hook or secure it around you at the dog park.  
This leather looks great now and will look even better with use and wear.   Water will not cause marks or discoloration.  

Cost:  $65.00 - $85.00
Gizmo Approved
Dog Collars
  1. Title 9
  2. Title 10
  3. Title 11
  4. Dog Collar
This medium sized collar is 3/4 inchs wide, 1/4 inch thick and will fit a full grown Golden Doodle or similar sized dog.  All hardware is solid brass so it will not flake or peel -ever.  The solid brass D-ring is attached with four brass rivets.  Even the strongest pulling dog will not detach the leash from the collor.  Other sizes are available - just ask!

Cost: $40.00 - $55.00
Bear Approved
  1. Hunting Leashes
  2. Title 10
Hunting Leashes
For you hunting fans - our Bird Dog Leash.  Made from 614oz Harness leather (1/4 inch thick) and solid brass hardware.  Inpervious to weather conditions, mud and water.  Snap is attached by two solid brass rivets - no matter how excited your dog gets, you will have complete control.  Measures 18-20 inches (including handle)

Used by Willie-Pete